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A people-centred approach to assessing livelihoods impacts

This paper outlines the ‘People’s Livelihoods Analysis in Economic Displacement’ (PLANNED) framework. It aims to strengthen the knowledge base that informs decisions around avoiding project-induced economic displacement in the project design phase. The PLANNED framework emphasises the need for empathy and respect for human rights. It advocates for adequate timing, resources and capacity to assess impacts on livelihoods and develop livelihood restoration and enhancement measures. It also advocates for collaborative approaches to planning that involve project and lender staff, communities, civil society, and government at early stages. The framework was developed by reflecting on a review of relevant literature and on interviews with practitioners experienced in assessing the impacts created by project-induced physical and economic displacement. The PLANNED framework places the potentially economically-displaced people at the centre of the assessment and appraisal of projects. View

Measuring business impacts on human rights (2019)

Cathrine Bloch Veiberg, Gabriela Factor and Jacqueline R. Tedaldi (2019). Measuring business impacts on human rights: Practice and trends in the use of indicators for HRIA in Gotzamann, N.(ed) Handbook on Human Rights Impact Assessment. View

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