About Us

We are a social impact management consultancy

We are an interdisciplinary, intercultural, international team that is effective in making sense of and working through social impact issues that are unstructured, cross-cutting and complex.

Respect for people is at the centre of how we approach these issues.

Our Services

We consult, assess, train and coach organisations and their people so they can understand the context where they operate, build respectful relationships and contribute value while building internal capacity to promote sustainable practices. We work in the extractives, energy, infrastructure, transport, manufacturing, agri-food and financial sectors


We run training courses on topics such as social impact assessment, human rights, community health, social investment, indigenous peoples & FPIC, local content, & resettlement & livelihoods.

The training is delivered in a range of formats: e-learning, classroom, field trip & experiential. We partner with universities for some of our courses.

Trending Topics

Rapid Livelihoods Vulnerability Pulse Check

CIG has partnered with Ulula’s digital platform to apply a Rapid Livelihoods Vulnerability Pulse Check, a survey that can be deployed anywhere in the world…

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Inspiration for our new website

Tori Stowe is the artist we engaged to produce this breath-taking and thought-provoking image. She has represented a global socio-ecological system under pressure, which depicts the domain in which CIG works.

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New Handbook on Human Rights Impact Assessment

Gabriela Factor and Jacqueline Tedaldi of CIG are contributors to the new Handbook on Human Rights Impact Assessment.

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CIG is the home of SIAhub, an internet portal where the global SIA community of practice can network, access resources, share ideas and promote good practice.

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